Welcome to our Home Page

Welcome to Rogues to Riches, enjoy our website and then come and join us in game.

The main aim of the Guild is to build and maintain a community of like minded players rather than 'elite' gamers, so the emphasis is on having fun and playing together rather than achieving high rankings in competitive PvP.

We have an active forum and all members are strongly encouraged to use this regularly. It is available to discuss all aspects of a game from specific builds to help requests and more.

We run our own dedicated Mumble server and we urge members to use this to strengthen communications with both their Guild colleagues and other players with whom they have formed a party or team.

We offer a very accessible Guild and RtR members have a good sense of belonging while at the same time having the freedom to get what they want from the game. Above all we are a community of like-minded players that offers a haven from some of the nightmare groups we have all been in at one time or another.