About our Guild Wars Chapter

This Guild was formed on the 3rd of May 2005, by three friends who had been playing the game from the day it was released. The founding members wanted to play the game as a team, and so forming a Guild was a natural choice. Shortly after creating the Guild we realised that there were many other players out there who wanted the same things from the game that we did... so we started to recruit and RtR began to grow. Since then the Guild evolved into a large but friendly guild with a great community feel but you will find that the majority of our members are now spending their time in GW2.

We are predominantly a PvE Guild at heart but many members are very interested in PvP as well. Therefore, we will engage in PvP with sufficient interest (although we no longer play any organised GvG). We no longer maintain a calendar of planned events in Guild Wars but we are willing to consider special events to enable members to achieve certain requested goals (such as the completion of a mission or quest).

We are usually aligned with the Luxons although we are happy to switch in order that members can more easily progress their titles and the HoM statues. We have a fully equipped Guild Hall and we encourage players to make use of our dedicated mumble server to improve their Guild experience.

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