About our Guild Wars 2 Chapter

The Guild was first created in the closed betas by the lucky members of the GW Chapter who were able to try GW2 that early. A fair number of the GW chapter pre-purchased the game and thus creating the Guild in BWE1 ranked almost as highly as creating the first characters. Even before the end of that first day, we were spending Influence on Guild upgrades although we were a bit disappointed that we were unable to construct a Guild Hall at that time.

Our members meet up in-game whenever possible, even outside of our regular and frequent scheduled Guild events, in order to experience the varied PvE aspects (such as world exploration, dungeons, Fractals or Guild missions) or to venture into The Mists for a spot of WvW mayhem in one of the three coloured worlds or some Structured PvP. Our Guild groups are not only great social vehicles but they have the added advantage of increasing certain awards for our players (for instance, we maintain the +10% magic find guild boost at all times). Even if the characters are not together in-game, the players are probably talking to each other on our dedicated Mumble server.

Our primary GW2 chapter resides on the Far Shiverpeaks server but, now that guesting is enabled, we are happy to consider members from other servers as well.

If you are looking for a fun group of people to help you save the world then check out the Recruitment section where you can find details of how to apply for GW2 membership. You can also try and contact us in game for more information.

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