RtR Code of Conduct

Team Spirit

RtR is all about enjoying the game. We don't put pressure on our members to meet an elite standard because we think that takes a lot of the pleasure out of gaming. We therefore ask that all our members approach the game in a mature but relaxed manner. It's a game and you are meant to have fun - but not at the expense of others. Respect your fellow players and treat them as you would hope to be treated yourself.

Remember that when you are in a Guild the other members are not just there to support you in your game - we are all here to support each other. So, if you see someone in the forums or the in-game chat asking for assistance please take the time to help them out - whether that be simply replying to their question, or meeting them in the game to go through it with them.

Guild Events

It is not mandatory for you to join in any event, even if you are online, but it is a good opportunity to meet your fellow Guild members and have some fun. Members who never join in any Guild events may have their membership of the Guild reassessed.

Races and Professions

RtR leaves it totally up to you to choose your characters' race and profession, but you may find that from time to time you need to take on a particular role for a mission or PvP match (especially in the case of GvG or Structured PvP matches). We therefore advise all our members to at least try, and get the hang of, a couple of different character types just to make themselves more flexible.


We strongly encourage all players to actively use the forums, in-game chat function and our dedicated Mumble server as this is part of what being a Guild community is all about. Even if you do not like the idea of speaking, you should download the software and join the chat so that you can at least listen to the rest of us (we're not that bad honestly... and sometimes we're even quite funny). Being able to hear commands or comments can be especially important in PvP activities or on the more difficult quests.

PvP vs PvE

This is often a point of contention between players and has been in the past within RtR. Basically, if you are a die-hard PvP fanatic then don't join us! We do a reasonable amount of PvP (e.g. WvW or AB) and have some strong PvP players within the Guild, but we are by no means dedicated to just this aspect of the game.


Anyone of any nationality is welcomed by RtR, but in the interests of the Guild we have to insist that all members are capable in English. This ensures that no-one is excluded, not even the French. LOL Smiley

In our forums, on voice chat and in Guild Chat we request that no-one uses bad language (e.g. swearing, blasphemy etc) at any time. People have different ideas as to what is acceptable, and we don't want to offend people (or argue about whether it is acceptable).

All written communication (forum posts and in-game chat) must use proper English. We do not appreciate either textspeak or leetspeek.

Guild Rules

One thing that is never tolerated is a verbal attack of a personal nature. We will also not look favourably on any tantrums or online outbursts - if you are annoyed log off, calm down, go get a drink and come back when you are feeling more rational. Anyone found to be doing anything like this (or anything else which an officer has warned them about) will be swiftly removed from the Guild with no comebacks.

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