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In order to maintain our Guild Community, we ask that applicants comply with certain tenets. More information on at least some of these can be found in the Code of Conduct.

Ideally, you should be at least 18 years old.

Most of us are in our twenties and thirties and some are considerably older. We have found through experience that taking younger members usually doesn't work out. We encourage a mature approach to the game and to each other.

You must be able to speak English

Members are welcome from all countries but the Guild language is English. All members need to be competent enough to communicate on the forums, in game or when using voice communications.

You agree to sign up to the forum on this website.

The forum is a primary feature of RtR. It is where the officers and members can organise Guild activity, where builds and character types are discussed, and it is one of the best places to get to know your fellow Guildmates.

You play the game reasonably frequently.

You are not going to be kicked out of the Guild if you go on holiday for a couple of weeks or miss a Guild event, but we would like to know that people are joining us to actually play together. We will generally only dismiss players that have been absent with no explanation for a long time.

Trial Membership

It is usual for a new member to join under a trial membership for a short period so that we, as a Guild, can assess your personality and style of play. During this time you will be judged on neither your character's level or abilities nor on your skill at playing the game, but rather on how you play as part of a team, how you relate to other Guild members, and how much you get involved in Guild events. Note that the trial period is also a time for you to assess us to see if you are comfortable in our community. The trial period usually lasts no more than a couple of weeks and depends mostly on how much time we are able to spend together - if you are only able to play once a week then it is more difficult for us to get to know each other than if you are playing every night and all weekend.

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